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Petite role models - What makes you feel confident?

Hi everyone, it’s Abbie here. I am a talent agent, writer and producer with cerebral palsy; standing at a proud 5ft tall. I recently won an award at the National Diversity Awards for the Positive Role Model category, and so today I am thinking about what it means to be a role model, and all of the role models I have had in my life and throughout my career.

Throughout my journey of starting my talent agency, I was lucky to have so many amazing mentors and role models to help me on my way of becoming a business owner. I noticed that all of these women shared one thing in particular; confidence.

For me, and perhaps everyone, confidence is something that comes and goes, but it is something that can be worked on. Confidence in yourself is so important, whether it’s with work, or with fashion - whatever you are doing. I think that one way to gain confidence and build it within yourself is to look out for the things that give you that empowering ‘yes’ feeling in your gut. For me, this could be my favourite shade of lipstick, an amazing idea that I’ve had in my business, or even my favourite song as I stroll down the street on a Monday morning.

What gives you that ‘Yes’ feeling and makes you feel confident ? Join the Short Girls Club Facebook Group and let us know!  and or check out Abbie over on Instagram 

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